OT Light LED Single Dom (Heal Force) Model: TOPLED-8000

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* Product Name: Single Dom LED OT Light

* Brand: Heal Force

* Model: TOPLED-8000

* Origin: China

* Our TopLED surgical light has optimized white LEDs that cover the entire visible colour spectrum required for demanding surgeries.

*  The unique hollow design of the surgical light enables clean air to reach the surgical field directly, achieving the purification effect of laminar flow.

*  The surgical light has almost no infrared and ultraviolet spectra, and it remains cool in surgical field after long time operation.

*  Streamlined surfaces reduce turbulence and resistance of the light.

*  The adjustable focus handle controls projection angle of LED light, and adjusts facula size and optical focal depth easily.

*  The universal 6-joint spring suspension system ensures accurate positioning without drifting.

*  Our TopLED surgical light has a long average lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

*  Different choices of high sensitive and interference resistant digital camera systems are available.


Technical Data:

* Light source: LED

* Focus: Variable focus

* Diameter of lamp head (cm): 80

* Number of lamp head: 1

* Number of bulbs for each head: 150

* Illumination (lux): 130,000~160,000

* Illumination field diameter* (mm): d10:≥160; d50:≥50%×d10

* Light field depth L1+L2 (mm): ≥800

* Colour rendering index (CRI)(Ra): 95±5

* Colour temperature (K): 4300±300

* Radiant energy (mW/m2.lux): ≤2.9


Electrical data:

* Input voltage (V): 100-120/200-230

* Power consumption: 1 watt/bulb x 150

* Frequency (Hz): 50/60

* Rated current(A): 0.68

* LED power(W): 1

* LED voltage (V): vf: DC 3.2

* Service life (hrs): 50,000

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OT Light LED Single Dom (Heal Force) Model: TOPLED-8000

৳ 450,000.00

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