Infusion Set (Incepta)

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* Product Name: Saline Set (Infusion Set)

* Brand: Incepta

* Tube Length: 150 cm

* Drop Rate: 20 drops/mL

* Basic Infusion set with time-tested features.

* Manufactured from non-toxic and transparent P.V.C.

* Sharp piercing spike for easy insertion in I.V. container.

* Moulded drip chamber ensures fall of drops in the centre.

* Specially designed cylindrical collapsible drip chamber to visualize the flow rate.

* Disc type fluid filter at the bottom of chamber filters any particulate matter in the I.V. fluid.

* 50 cm long super smooth kink resistant tubing with efficient roller controller for accurate, unrestricted flow.

* Superior quality latex bulb for additional medication.

* Sterile, individually packed.


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Infusion Set (Incepta)

৳ 20.00

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