Diathermy Machine 400W (ZEUS) Model: ZEUS-400P

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* Product Name: Surgical Diathermy Machine

* Brand: ZEUS

* Model: ZEUS-400P

* Watt: 400W

* Origin: Korea


Products Description:

* ZEUS-400, is one of the most popualr models among ZERONE’s products, which use for universal purpose.

* 4 kinds of cut, bipolar and monopolar coagulation.

* Distinguish each working condition by audio sound and LED lamp.

* Best safety with Feedback system.

* REM(Return Electrode Monitoring)monitors the size of contacting area between a patient and the pad, if the size is inappropriate, it automatically blocks the high-frequency current to minimize the danger of burning incidents.

* Stable output power.

* Unit can stably and stragithly output power by using micro processor. When the unit turn off and turn it back on, last set value will display by flash memory.

* ZEUS-400 is compatibles with Argon-Z(Argon Plasma Coagulation).




* Pure cut: 400W / 300 Ω

* Blend 1: 250W / 300 Ω

* Blend 2: 200W / 300 Ω

* Blend 3: 150W / 300 Ω


* Contact: 120W / 300 Ω

* Spray: 100W / 300 Ω

* Bipolar Coagulation: 99W / 100 Ω


Power feature:

* Main Frequency: 400, 500 KHz

* Power Source: AC120V or AC 230V, 50Hz or 60 Hz

* Protection Class: Class 1, Type CF

* Dimension (WxDxH): 330 x 455 x 150 mm





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Diathermy Machine 400W (ZEUS) Model: ZEUS-400P

৳ 250,000.00

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